Monday, June 14, 2010

Books, sewing and things.

Today started well. My order arrived from Amazon! One of my favourite Shakespeare plays. It will be interesting to see what this version is like.
A knitting book I really just had to have. There are some lovely designs in here.
The last book. Well, I really admire the work of Linda and Laura Kemshall. This is jam packed full of some of the techniques they use.

My pincushion got finished yesterday evening. I have already started using it. Such a very useful design. The whole thing is weighted, so it stays where it is placed.

This afternoon saw me walking down to the next village to post my page for the Traveling Pages project. This page should have been sent off in May, but I got woefully behind with a mental blank. I really just could see how to interpret the subject - Coastline. It took me some time, but it has been completed and posted. Photos will be posted once this has arrived safely. Perhaps in a day or two...........

The path I took goes past these very architectural electricity pylons.

The fields here are full of wheat. I just love the colours.

These plants at the edge of the path lie next to the fence. Tints of red with green.

On the way I picked up this beautiful piece of mossy bark. It now sits on a piece of wet paper on my window sill.

I can just see this as a series of french knots - the real colours are a bit brighter than you can see here. Wonderful stuff.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Mandy!
It's always so wonderful for your to visit Brynwood. I'm going to make a point to reply to comments whenever I can. I love the new pincushion/scrap bag you made for your sewing room. I've had one for years and really love it. I may have to make one to match my sewing machine covers now! I'll be back to visit again, but I've heard there are 450!!! studios I have to check out first. It's going to be a busy weekend! lol Thanks again, my friend. xoxo Donna

margaret said...

Thanks for the info on the pincushion - I've printed off the pdf and will be making one a.s.a.p!

Mandy said...

You will find it really is a useful pincushion. I took mine to my elder daughter's house when I was showing her how to make curtains last weekend. Sadly, she rather liked it, so it stayed with her..............
Never mind. I shall make another one, just for me!