Saturday, June 05, 2010

A successful week.

Just to get up to date with some of the fabric I have been buying lately. These are all fat quarters and have just been washed and put out to dry on my washing line. All, barring the black and white cartoon cat fabric, will be added to the collection for my Hearts and Flowers Hug - a quilt I am making for a friend who is rather ill. Photos of this will have to wait until it is finished and has been handed over.

The cat fabric was one of those purchases I may regret, but I really could not resist the comical cats with their pink noses and tongues.

Another fabric for the Hearts and Flowers hug. The flower pins have been needed for rather a long time. My elderly long pins are sadly depleted and have been getting very bent. I really like these long pins with the flat heads so useful in preparing quilts for basting.

I have started work on repairing these two bags which I lined some time ago. The jute outer had been getting very thin and going into holes.

The first to be worked on has been disassembled. You can see the state that the jute had got into in the photo above. The original plastic which used to adhere to the jute is coming away. The handles are still in excellent condition, and so is the lining. These will be kept as they are. The rest of the bag now it is a kit of parts will be reassembled and fabric added to give strength and interest.

After quilt group on Thursday (Dot's group meets during the morning), I went into Chester to Jaycotts. Since it is quite a journey from here, I took along a shopping list of things.

As you can see, I was able to purchase everything I needed. The two reels of blue thread are those I mentioned in the last post. They are needed so I can continue quilting Rosie's quilt. Since getting the thread on Thursday, I have completed all the squares for the quilt and have started cutting the squares down to their finished size.
As you can see from the collection of items above, I am fully intending to get more dressmaking done this summer. The new pair of shears will replace my old pair which has developed a flat area which has not been remedied even though the scissors have been sharpened a couple of times.


Mrs J said...

Looks lovely! You make me want to get my sewing machine out!

Mandy said...

Do! Its great fun.
I love the knitting on your Blog. Now that makes me want to start knitting socks again.