Friday, July 23, 2010

The new, the old, and some plans.

Well, this was the sky as I packed the car to go to Hartford Quilters on Wednesday evening. The heavens opened after I had arrived, thankfully. The Hearts and Flowers Hug did not get wet. Why the name "Hug"? Well, don't we all need a cuddle at times?

Here it is, the project which has kept me really busy over the past few weeks. The white hearts and flowers have messages of support in them for Denise, whose quilt this now is. Positive and brightly cheerful, she is undergoing Chemo at the moment and we all wish her well.

The back shows a little of the echo quilting used round each of the flowers and hearts.

There is a bag too, an over the shoulder quilted bag to contain the quilt. I used the pieces left over from the main quilt. Still holding the quilt, it can be used as a pillow if the weather is just too hot to take the quilt out to use. There is enough spare space to hold a good book, or even a few magazines.

Denise was pleased with her new quilt and happily took it home with her.
It has been a really interesting week. First, I heard this podcast from Sister Diane at Crafty Pod. At first it really annoyed me, but then I began to understand exactly why it was making me so cross. The topic was planning ahead for Blogs and Podcasts. It took me a while, and quite a bit of soul searching to realise that, yes, I could really learn something from the ideas shared in the programme.
I must explain, that for some time I have been a little unhappy with this Blog. It is not as good as I would like it to be, but I have not been able to move forward and do anything about it. I don't have the knowledge. Being on a budget, I really don't want to spend money on lessons to learn either......
However, perhaps you can help. Just send me a message with ideas on how to improve this site. Perhaps letting me know what you would like to know more about, and see more about here. I shall try to get myself organised and incorporate some of these in the near future.


quiltmom said...

Your friend Denise, is really fortunate to have such loving friends. I think your quilt is stunning. I also love the bag that can be made into a pillow. It is truly a gift of love. I am sure she feels the warmth and caring each time she wraps herself up in it.
Thanks for sharing.

As for your blog, I have just started following your blog. I think blogs reflect what we are as people. It is yours to choose how much others know about your life. I use mine for a journal of life and write when I have something that I want to share. I have learnt lots from other bloggers- some of it related to quilting, some of it not. Perhaps if you figure out why you want to write a blog and what blogposts have gather responses that might be helpful information. One of the bloggers whom I like and enjoy her blog writes about other things in her life as well as about her quilts. She got slammed for it by one of the comments. I was astonished that someone would think it was okay to criticize someone elses' choices on what topics they include in their blog. I am always glad to meet new readers on my blog but sometimes people comment and sometimes they don't. I write about what I know and experience. People have been very positive and kind. It is always nice to get feedback. When I first started blogging, I wasn't sure I wanted to blog- sometimes I am not sure now, but for the most part, I do really enjoy it, because of the connections I have made with other bloggers. For me, its about making connections..
I am not sure I have helped .... It is an interesting question.
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

Toni said...

Oh--the quilt looks great! I'll bet Denise will love it!

Mrs J said...

To be honest I have not heard the podcast but I do listen to cast on by Brenda dayne & I think that podcasts are a different issue in needing financial investment. I think the key issue is 'why blog'? I have become more laid back about my blog. Ravelry & Facebook have taken over some of it's functions & I am more likely to write my blog on my iPhone than my laptop which limits it's layout but I guess I am creating a kinda online journal so that's ok for me. I prefer wordpress to blogger & have to use more sophisticated stuff for my teaching blog so that's a different issue!

Mandy said...

Thanks so much for your comments. Densie was really pleased with her quilt and loved the bag.
Quiltmom and Mrs J, thanks so much for your thoughts about blogs.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Scrumptious work!!! I love the quilt and the bag. Truly wonderful!