Monday, July 12, 2010

Stitching fun.

I am having a lot of fun with my sewing at the moment. Sadly, the projects are all those I cannot share with you at present!

Never mind, the quilt can be revealed after the 21st of this month. The other two projects are associated with the Traveling Pages project, so can only be shown after they have been received by their new owners.

Oh well, I can show you my knitting................... Look away now if it is just not your thing.
Yes, it is another Elizabeth Zimmermann Shawl from her book "Knitter's Almanac". It is wonderfully mindless knitting which is helping me concentrate on my other projects. My mind can wander freely and solve any problems I encounter. So refreshing.
Rosie's Quilt has not really moved since I last mentioned it. I have had to concentrate on the one I cannot yet show you. But here is some handstitching on Rosie's quilt. This is the sashing for the back, then it will be ready for quilting.
My quilt for mum is still languishing in it's basket - still a collection of fabrics. I look longingly at it from time to time, but I must get these two quilts finished first.
Rosie comes home again on the 23rd. Now, could I possibly get hers completed in time? Not if I stay here nattering away any longer..............

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