Saturday, January 29, 2011

Calligraphy on fabric

After the fabric had dried, I decided to write over the top of the printing. Here you can see that I have used masking tape to stick the fabric down onto my cutting board. The words used are all linked to the theme for this piece, which is "Books".

I am using a fabric marker from "Fabrico" an the colour is #118, ultramarine. As a dual marker, it makes this style of pen very versatile. For this piece of calligraphy, I am using the fine line side. The second side gives an effect almost like using a paintbrush.

As you can see, adding words makes a lot of difference to the finished texture. It is a very easy effect to achieve. All it needs is a steady hand, and a list of words to copy from.

Do give it a go. It is fun.


Christine said...

I like this very much Mandy, and particularly as you have added the words on the bias grain. I think it makes it easier to use in a project if straight lines aren't too dominant. Can you tell I hate stripes and checks when they're used crookedly, LOL?

Mandy said...

Thanks Christine. It is very difficult to use stripes and checks evenly, or at least I find it hard when using these in quilting projects. They can look good, but then can be overly dominant if not used carefully.
I used the bias grain this time since I felt it wouldn't dominate the ret of the design. I still have the Free Machine Embroidery detail to add.