Sunday, May 29, 2011

Journal Quilts and sewing.

It has been rather a busy few days here. First, I managed to complete my April Journal Quilt. This shows maps of the village and it's location, close to the River Weaver. The cherry tree and blossom were taken from photos of trees I took very close to my own home in the village. The lamp post is one standing just beside a neighbour's gate. It is almost surrounded by his trees. The light looks wonderful at night, peeping from above the leaves.

The techniques used are - photos printed on Inkjet Printing cotton sheets by Jacquard; applique and free machine embroidery.

I also completed the May page. This one is called "Play Week". Moulton Drama Group celebrated their thirtieth anniversary with the reworking of a play by Robert Meadows. A local playwright, Robert lives, literally, just around the corner. The play is called "The Dawn of the Crows" and relates stories about the village in times past. Amongst the stories is that of the founding of "The Crows", a group which performs at the Crow Fair each year.

I was commissioned to make a second copy of my May Journal Quilt. This was mounted, as you can see. It was presented last night, after the performance had ended, to Robert Meadows as a present from "The Crows".

The techniques used were: painted fabric; applique and free machine embroidery. As always, two buttons were added to the Journal Quilt. These were omitted on Robert's copy.

Oh yes, I must not forget to credit Pat Bennett who took the original photograph I used to create the fabric "Crows". He was very kind in giving his permission for me to use the photograph in this quilt.

I also managed to start my blue blouse this week - I just got to the stage of basting the body together and checking the fit. Amazingly, the blouse fits first time. Such a wonderful surprise.


Anonymous said...

Those quilts are amazing! And how great that you go to present one! I especially love the maps and lampost - such a great way to work a quilt, with memories and neighborhood like that.

Mandy said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth. The journal quilts are really special having so many memories linked in with them. It is really pleasing that you, and others who have seen them, actually like them.

Jade@How to Sew a Dress said...

I really love those stuff. You did great. If you want to venture into business with your sewing skills, it will be very advantageous if you take classes. You should learn more about the terminologies used in sewing, equipment to be used, techniques, as well as how the business runs. You should learn the ropes first before going into this business.

Mandy said...

Thanks Jade. It is interesting you should mention sewing classes. I was lucky enough to find someone locally who gives sewing lessons, so may take some once I have more time.