Monday, May 09, 2011

Works in progress and those completed.

Firstly, those completed objects. I finally got all the hand-stitching completed on my Serger Quilt. This is the bright side.

Now, the reverse side - you can see the hand-stitched binding. Just to avoid misundertanding, the binding was attached by machine, and then hand-stitched to the reverse side to finish off. You can also see the FME on the border too.

My husband's reaction when I passed it to him after finishing it on Friday evening?
"Who is it for?"
I couldn't answer since I really hadn't made it for anyone. It now resides in the livingroom for snuggling into.
Oh, after asking the question, he snuggled up into it and promptly fell asleep............ The quilt is appreciated, even if the reasons for making it aren't fully understood.

I also finished a quick project. These bench cushions were made last week for our new garden bench. The covers are made from some cream vinyl we have had in the loft for over twenty years. Still in excellent condition, the vinyl had been bought to make some bunk mattresses for a boat we owned years ago. We had been lucky enough to find a roll of the vinyl being sold cheaply and made four bunk mattresses with it. After making these two bench cushions we still have plenty left...................

Oh yes, I shall be finishing a couple of quilted scatter cushions to add to the bench. The cream seems a bit startling a colour to my eyes, so some colourful cushions should help it all blend in.

One project just about to be stared is this blouse. I have some delightful pale blue viscose covered with black polka dots.

Why start dressmaking again? Well, I have my daughter's wedding dress to make later this summer. It seemed only sensible to get some practice in first.............


Selvage Quilter said...

Wow, you have been busy.
I suspect your husband's question was more like: Are you giving this away, or do we get to keep it? And apparently he wanted to keep it and use it. It really is a beauty.
The quilting in the border is awesome.
Oh yeah, bright cushions for your outdoor seating will be nice.
Ooh, a wedding coming up. You are on a roll. Best wishes to you and yours.

Mandy said...

Thanks so much Karen.
Yes, I am busy. I thought I was being lazy until I took the time to work out what I had accomplished today.........
The wedding will be fun. My daughter is organising it herself with her partner. They are very good at delegating. I got the dress, Liz's future mother-in-law (a delightful woman)is making the cake.........and my mother is making the place cards for the table.

katiejayinpa said...

lovely all the way nice to have a quilt you've made be instantly adopted! and actually making something useful...after all those years of sitting
i shall love seeing the wedding dress! Are you also going to be making the bridesmaid's dresses?

Mandy said...

Thanks Ktj. There will be no bridesmaids at the wedding. However, there will be a flower girl. She is the three year old adopted daughter of a friend and sounds really sweet. I haven't met her yet. I shall be making a dress for her, but will leave it until a short while before the wedding - after all she is at that age when she will grow a lot....... The fabric and pattern are both waiting in my workroom.