Monday, March 19, 2012

Sewing, painting fabric and knitting.

This is the fourth of my Journal Quilts for this year. This one adds the shades of red to orange, and is the April piece. I am slightly ahead of myself on this project having a number of others I really need to get started on. But I shall tell you all about those another time.

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun creating fabric for the labels to go on the back of each Journal Quilt.

Since I needed a really fine woven cotton for my labels, I used three sheets of my printable cotton. These were painted with Setasilk. I stripped off the paper since I do not intend to use these on my printer, and found the backs rather more interesting than the fronts. I suspect this was because the Setasilk tends to pool between the cotton and paper.

The papers were really interesting too. I shall keep these to use at some stage.

One brief warning. I ironed the fabric when it was still slightly damp. As a result I ended up with a sticky deposit on my iron. This was easily cleaned off, but could have caused a problem had I not noticed...................

The sky yesterday was so beautifully coloured. The deep colours of the rain clouds bring out the lovely moss covered bark of this tree. Such a delicious colour combination.

I love the textures of old rooftops and their chimneys.

Spring is definitely on the way with these lovely leaves just beginning to come out.

My brown shawl got finished too. I've got it round my neck as I write. Although the weather looks nice, it is still chilly.


Elizabeth said...

love the setasilk papers!

Mandy said...

Thanks. I am using the fabric for labels this time for my journal quilts. The papers will become end papers or covers for books.