Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dyed fabric.

Pale colours

All the following photos show my fabrics drying on the line after being washed and removed from the packaging. These freshly dyed fabrics were completed during the Dyeing Day lead by Sandra Wyman last Thursday. It was such fun!

Shibori before I removed the string and container

Shibori being washed

The fascinating thing about my Shibori experiment - tying fabric around a shape and crushing this down before dyeing - was that the yarn I used for tying the fabric has also stained the fabric it touched addin a really interesting pattern.

Parfait dyeing
Not my usual choice of colours, but this bright piece is great fun.

More parfait dyeing
I find it amazing that two pieces of fabric dyed together can be so entirely different.

Allowing dye to find it's own way
These four pieces of fabric were dyed in teh same tub with dye being added after each piece of fabric was scrunched into the pot. I just love the way the colours have come out on these.

Mixing two colours - red and green.
The colours here are just so vibrant. I shall really enjoy having these pieces in my stash ready to use.

allowing blue dye to wander and find it's own way

These fabrics were all dyed together another parfait experiment.
This collection is a mixture of cotton, silk prepoline, and silk velvet. The silk velvet is the amazingly marked piece between the sheer fabric and the blue.

Mixing two colours - purple and green

Overdyeing with black
If anything didn't work, it was this piece. However, as it continued to dry, the colours changed again. I shall photograph these pieces after I have ironed them. The small piece is a piece of viscose satin, which has taken the colour really intensely. These will be wonderful bases for a printing session.


Sandra Wyman said...

Great to see these, Mandy - look forward to seeing what you do with the printing. Love the purple to green (I hadn't tried this combination myself and how I shall have to!

Mandy said...

Thanks Sandra. I am really looking forward to using these pieces.