Monday, September 02, 2013

Journal quilts.

The last week or two has been rather a roller coaster, personally. During the past week my dear little friend, Coco, died. Her general health had been deteriorating over the previous couple of weeks, but her loss has been quite a blow. You will recall that her brother Felix died before Christmas. She had been getting on so well with our dog Ella, despite the difference in their ages. Coco was 19 years old, Ella just 6.

On to the textiles worked on this past week. I managed to get my four journal quilts finished and posted just before the deadline, on Saturday. Why, oh why, do I always end up finishing things at the very last moment. I really must try to get things done earlier from now on.
Tree and leaf 1 - May
(felt and tea-dyed cotton applique over my own screen printed fabric, machine quilted.)

Tree and leaf 2 - June
 (my own painted and then screenprinted loose woven cheesecloth fabric.
Applique using my own screenprinted cotton, quilted.)

Line drawing - trees - July
(tea-dyed fabric background with overlay of sheer fabric.
This latter fabric has been cut using a soldering iron.
Machine quilted outline.)
Hedgerow - August
(Background fabric was a cleaning cloth after a session painting the background fabric
for my Horizons quilt. Over this is an overlay of painted cheesecloth.
The applique shapes are commercial fabrics.)
 Each of the above is from my series which has the theme of Silhouettes and shadows. I had intended to insert some shadows into the last four pieces, but have got myself stuck on the theme of silhouettes and simplifying them. Each of these pieces is quite minimalist - simple shapes and stitching. I really am not sure how to continue the series at this point. I think I shall probably just doodle with some shapes before continuing and intend to work on the final four pieces in one session - or a series of sessions during the same week.

Drying fabric dyed during a dyeing session at Brenda's house.

Drying fabric dyed during a dyeing session at Brenda's house.
The fabrics I dyed at Brenda's house the other week have all turned out rather paler than I had thought. However, I shall find these perfect for overprinting or screenprinting at a later date. I am looking forward to attending another dyeing day later this month.


Toni said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Hugs!!!!

Mandy said...

Thanks Toni. I miss my dear little friend, finding that Ella now chooses to spend time with me in my workroom. She is such good company, much like your own delightful cats.