Thursday, December 19, 2013

Having fun with dyes and making bags again.

Dyed applied over strips of masking tape, More dye applied after tape removed.

 The following collection of photos show the fabric dyed at the Textiles without limits workshop. I have annotated the photos to explain the various processes I tried out.

Dye applied using scrunched up kitchen paper.
The kitchen paper I used when dabbing on dye for the above fabric, I have saved these pieces for use too.

Fabric folded and held with clips before dyeing.

Fabric folded and tied with brown thread - this has also dyed the fabric in places.

Fabric taken out of dye to show clips and plastic disks in place.
Fabric opened out and ironed - see the previous photo.

Fabric held with bulldog clip during dyeing.
The resulting fabric. I shall probably over dye or print this piece. Perhaps both?

 At the moment I am getting on with some Christmas sewing - some fabric bags for the presents. I last did this a couple of years ago and the bags were very popular. In fact I had a request for one, so everyone will get one this year. Each bag has two pockets - one is zipped and other open. So far, I have completed three with just another three to finish off. All the fabric is cut to size and the zips and their tags are ready it is just a matter of finishing them off today. Then I must get on with the waistcoat which my elder daughter wants as her present this year.


Toni said...

I just love all your pictures of dying and fabric painting. One of these years I'll give it a go--you make it look like such fun.

Mandy said...

Do give it a try. The best way to go about it is to find a group or course which tackles dyeing. This enables you to relax and have fun whilst you are learning a new skill. I have been lucky in finding people who know about dyeing and who are able to show me how to play with the colours and find out how to make different effects using resists. I would not have had the confidence to do as much as this without their support and encouragement. I hope that you are as lucky in finding something near to you.