Monday, November 09, 2015

Back knitting, and planning some sewing

My talk went down well last week. You can read a review of it here. They were all very kind and really enjoyed being able to handle all the quilts I had brought with me. It was good fun, even though I was really nervous to begin with.

Double knitting hat under way
Well, I have started knitting again. My hat will use up much of the yarn left over from my recently completed double knitting jumper.
Aran yarn purchased this morning
Going into Aldi this morning, I was rather tempted by these two aran yarns. I only bought one of each since I wanted to make waistcoats rather than jumpers. The trouble is, I really can't choose which one to start first and which colour to use for each design. Both patterns date from the 1970's and early 1980's. I first made the Wendy pattern around 1980 or so. I gave it away some years ago and have really missed having it around.
An old pattern from my collection
The second pattern was a lucky find in a charity shop. 

It is inside this rather lovely book:

A pattern book dating from 1979
There are some rather nice patterns which I will find myself making over the next couple of years.

I am also planning some dressmaking sessions since I really could do with some more skirts, pinafore dresses and culottes as well as shirts.

Dressmaking projects waiting to be cut out.
My only problem is that I could really do with getting some quilting done too, making books and ...... No, I won't bore you with the list. I really ought to get organised and just start.

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