Monday, November 30, 2015

Completed items and work in progress

Completed aran waistcoat
This past week has been quite busy. I finished the waistcoat and have been wearing it around the house. Nice and cosy.I decided to start a second one. This pattern is another one I have had for some time. Since the 1990's, I think.

The next project - a shaped waistcoat
I am knitting this in a deep sage green green. The shaped bottom of the fronts is what attracts me most. The cable pattern is proving to be quite challenging. I have resorted to writing out each line of the pattern so that I don't get muddled.

Completed shirt
I managed to get both of my shirts finished too. Both have been worn and are very comfortable and nicely warm for the wet and windy weather we are currently experiencing. I now have five shirts to this same pattern. One of them is fitted whereas the rest are not. I like both versions of the pattern, but am especially grateful that I remembered to add the extra couple of inches to the length of both the sleeve pattern piece and also that for the body. This makes all the difference.

Another completed shirt
I haven't progressed any further with the quilt this week, working on other projects which I cannot show you at present.

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