Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Unfortunately there are some things I can't show you yet.

This is going to be one of those posts where I really cannot show you anything I have been working on. For the most part these are presents which will be passed on soon, but not before I post this. Anyone reading this will just have to be patient.
"Pebbles" is an interpretation of a design by Alexandra Waylett which was printed in the current "Stitch" magazine. I got rather excited about having a go and so this was my trial run. It was a lot of fun rooting through my "interesting fabrics" collection to find pieces which might just go together. I'm not yet sure what I shall do with this piece, since it incorporates purchased acrylic felt, chiffon, silk, velvet and various other fabrics. The circles of fabrics are held between layers of gauze and felt, being free machined into place. It was quick and fun to make, so I may well try something similar again.


Anne M. said...

How interesting looks like a lot of fun. This technique could be adapted for lots of things.

Mandy said...

Thanks Anne. I agree, the technique has a lot of possibilities. I was surprised at just how quickly the piece came together.