Friday, January 29, 2016

The vintage top design

Detail of the top front, showing the armhole detail and the collar.
Yes, the top is complete. I put it onto Aggie, my tailor's dummy to take some photos. The picture above gives the most accurate representation of the colour. As you can see, the collar opening comes really low. Definitely a garment to be worn over a polo necked top. I fancy making myself a long sleeved white shire with an open revere collar just like the one in the pattern. Perhaps to wear with a tailored skirt or trousers. I look forward to being able to wear this.

Full front showing the structure - there are two pockets down above the double moss stitch hem.
A rather smart design and timeless. I do like the fact that there are pockets, I might not use them, but they are such a nice addition.

The back
Again, a nice clean line to the back. I wish I knew what colour the original design was knitted up in. Mum has now taken the pattern and is going to have a go at knitting it. My sister's version is also nearing completion. Hers, in 3ply, is an even paler jade than mine.
The pattern

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