Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Preparing for a talk and a workshop

Samples for a mixed media workshop
I've been busily hand stitching this last weekend. These are samples for a workshop which I shall be leading on Friday. It is a mixed media workshop and will focus on texture.The samples are calico over Texture Magic. I shall be steaming one of these samples to show exactly what happens with this strange medium. It is a steam activated shrinking fabric which makes some really nice textural interest. I haven't done it with handstitching before, so this should be really interesting. It won't be possible to do machine stitching on the day. I'll post photos once I've shrunk this first sample. Then I should be able to post photos of the other samples I am in the middle of making. I really shouldn't have sat down to write this post.

Fabric bought from Ikea
Last week I had the chance to go into Ikea again. I bought this piece of fabric. It should make a really nice jacket. Not expensive either. I'd gone in to get some more black for the back of my African Crosses quilt. I really do need to get on with that one, especially since there are another three quilt tops which also need layering and quilting. I've decided this must be the year when I start delving into that pile of unfinished projects. 
Paper collage
On Tuesday, I went to Alsager Creative Stitchers. They had a talk from Sue Boardman called "Torn apart and Stitched up". She specialises in stitched paper collage. The challenge for the group this year is to make a butterfly each month inspired by the speaker. Hence my paper collage. I'm not keen on stitching through paper using my machine, so I scanned and printed the collage onto printable cotton.

Printed and stitched version of the paper collage
This is the result. I have free machine stitched all over it using a variegated thread. I'm going to applique a butterfly over the top. You will have to wait for the butterfly, it still resides inside my head. My sewing machine is now safely packed away ready for a workshop tomorrow - lead by Ann Spargo, we will be weaving fabric to make a waistcoat. Fun! Photos later.

ACS butterfly - first version
For the January meeting the members stitched a butterfly onto thin calico.  We were to use a straight stitch, so I have used backstitch. I have also added some beads. The outline of the butterfly itself was the only thing supplied, apart from the fabric. Such an enjoyable session.

Oh, preparation for a talk? Well, that happens tomorrow evening. It will be rather a busy day.

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