Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dressmaking and knitting

My finished cowl top
There has been a lot of dressmaking going on over the past couple of weeks. I finished this cowl top after finding the design in issue 28 of "Love Sewing". I also made myself a black camisole to wear underneath since that front drape is extremely low. Both fabrics were found in my stash, which was rather useful.
The magazine article
I now need a pair of dressy black trousers to wear with it. My old ones are becoming rather shabby since they were bought some years ago.

A very nearly disastrous pair of culottes got completed and has been worn a number of times - so cosy and comfortable. I mentioned this briefly in my last post here you may recall. I had cut out the fabric without adding any seam allowances. The pattern originally came from a Burda Style magazine from 2015. Luckily there was a rather large dart in the back of each leg and a large pleat at the front of each leg. Reducing both of these gave me sufficient fabric to complete these, ready to be worn. I didn't have any material left over to remake these since the fabric was a remnant in my stash. Unfortunately, photos are difficult since these are a dark charcoal grey. Such a very stupid thing to do, but I seem to have got away with it.

Finished culottes

I also finished this rather useful and comfortable pinafore dress. The pattern came free with another magazine - the first issue of "Sew Now". I added a second pocket since I would have become rather irritated with only having a single pocket to the right hand side. Again. another piece of grey fabric from my stash.  A very practical colour, but not one that photographs very well in the dull weather we are having at present.

Zoe dress pattern

Completed Zoe with added pocket
I went on to make a couple of "Breton" tops with the pattern in my copy of "From Stitch to Style". These should be nice useful tops for the Spring and early summer. I can wear them now with a light polo necked top underneath for added warmth.

Breton top 
   The first one is a viscose jersey which I picked up in the          remnants section of a fabric shop some months ago.

  The second is cotton interlock jersey which I picked up from   the Quilt Festival at the NEC in Birmingham in August. This   came from Mauds Fabric Finds.

Second Breton top

Interlock cotton jersey waiting to be cut out
These two pieces of fabric are waiting to be cut out and sewn to be added to my winter wardrobe. I intend making the long sleeved polo neck version to help keep me warm. The fabric comes from a selection at Fabworks. I have my overlocker out and ready to start, but have a few Christmas presents to finish first. I hope you will forgive me if I don't share images of those. At least not until after Christmas.
Continuing work on cabled jumper
I'm currently merrily knitting a vintage 1989 cable pattern for a shawl neck jumper. The front is complete and the back is nearing that stage too. The yarn has been in my stash for some time, so it is good to feel that it is no longer languishing in a box. I'm not sure who will be wearing this when it is complete since my husband seems to rather like it...... Ah well, perhaps we can share this one.
Tizzy - completed top
A short while ago I finished this top. The design is by Martin Storey and dates from the time he was working for Jaeger. I used a pale blue yarn which had originally be a short sleeved cardigan. I really didn't like the cardi much, so ripped it back a few years ago. After quite some time hidden away in a box, the yarn has been reused to make this useful little top.

My aim at the moment is to use up as much stash fabric and yarn as I can. I am allowing myself some new fabric, but only if it is the kind of fabric not found in my rather larger stash. I am hoping to eventually make some more space in my cupboards. That way I might even be able to find new homes for some of my bulkier books.

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