Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More dressmaking

Collection of cotton interlock jersey ready to use
It has been another busy week here - sadly, I can only tell you about the sewing I'ver done for myself rather than the Christmas presents. These lovely fabrics above came from fabworks.co.uk. A company I heartily recommend.

Kwik Sew 2900 - first version
The fabric for my blue top and the green one also arrived from Fabworks. Comfy fabrics, nice and warm. The first version was made exactly as the pattern. I found it a little too roomy and the neck rather lower than I like. So, the green one was made slightly differently with a seam allowance of half an inch rather than the quarter inch required by the pattern. I also doubled the height of the neck. I am much happier with this version.

Kwik Sew 2900 -  version 2
So much so, that I am wearing it as I write this post. You might remember the knitted waistcoat and the skirt with the pockets which were made some time ago.

A me made day

Another top waiting to be sewn
Thi is now waiting for attention, but might have to wait until after Christmas before I can make a start. Another design found in the Love Sewing magazine, issue 34. The sweatshirt has a really interesting lace insert at the shoulder. The design comes from Anna Bruce at Madeit Patterns. The fabrics come from Fabworks. A fleece backed sweatshirting and ribbed fabric.

A new cover for my overlocker
The plastic cover for my overlocker fell apart recently. Using the bits as a pattern I replaced it with a bright and cheerful version made from a scrap of fabric in my stash. This is all that remains of some fabric used years back for beanbags used by my daughters.

My overlocker
My overlocker is currently having a well earned rest before the next project - that sweatshirt. Unless someone needs something else making first.........

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