Thursday, March 02, 2017

Working on things

Paper sample
 I haven't got any sewing done this week, some embroidery, but mostly messing around with paper. The idea is to turn the paper weaving into fabric weaving.

Playing with paper
There has been some success with the fabric weaving, but it all needs more work.
Fabric samples
I do agree, it does all seem a little odd. I really ought to be getting on with my Cocoon coat. I realised the other day that the fabric I had was too thick to also be the lining, so had a hunt through my stash and found some nice thinner weight red wool mix fabric left over from a pair of trousers which were made several years ago. Hopefully there is enough for the lining and the pockets too.

Why the experiments with paper? Well, I will be giving another talk in November and was asked to give a workshop too. I've been thinking hard about what exactly I could do. I don't want to be boring. My current thoughts are based on this weaving idea. It still remains to be seen whether it will work out or not. I still have time to think about something else, haven't I?

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