Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Messing around

Messing around with 5 inch squares
 It has been rather a while since last posting here. Unfortunately, a heavy cold put paid to most of my textile related activities for some days.

More playing around with squares of quilting cotton
Since I haven't been fit enough to concentrate, I have been playing around with a five inch square challenge. There are two sets of squares involved here. One is basically cream and red. The twenty squares in this collection has now turned into a quilted cushion. I'll have to post photos here another time since my camera has decided it needs to have a battery charge.

Inside showing the quilting
The next collection is basically twenty five inch squares in a cream and blue colour scheme. This is turning into a drum shaped fabric bin. Far from finished at the moment, some squares have been quilted for the main shape of the bin and some have been turned into little triangles for decoration. Just a bit of fun.
A lot still to do
It needs some form of stiffening and a lot of pins need to be removed.

The garden has been drawing us outside since the weather has been really Springlike here. A chilly wind, but lots of sunshine has drawn out the bees who really love our baby weeping willow. It is covered in pollen at the moment.

Weeping Willow
I must get back to finish some sewing. I have been spending rather a lot of time outside enjoying the weather, and playing frisbee with the dogs.

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