Monday, April 17, 2017

Not much sewing going on, but plenty of knitting.

The sketchbook with possible fabric cover materials.
For one of the textile groups I go to there is a sketchbook challenge. My book has been hanging around for some weeks now. The fabrics beneath may become the cover.
The front page 
Some dyed kitchen paper has been stuck onto the front page ready for a caption. This can wait until I really understand what I will be using this sketchbook for. The challenge is going to be an interesting one since I don't normally work from a sketchbook. I sometimes draw things out first, but then it is usually only elements rather than the whole design.

The first stage of our challenge is to start the sketchbook before our next meeting. Then we will learn from Debbie, one of the members, who will be leading us through this topic. After the front page I have used some of the more interesting pieces of Orizomegami, placing a large sheet under some holes cut in a page.

"Portholes" showing part of the following page.
The portholes page was inspired by a comment made in a Blog I read last week, I just loved the idea of cutting holes in one of the pages to show part of a design on the following page. It might be something worth pursuing in fabric at some stage. So far my sketchbook seems to be a collection of ideas which might be used at some time.

Pear blossom
The garden seems to be very busy at the moment with a lot of blossom on all the fruit trees. It will be interesting to see whether any of this turns into fruit later in the year.

Apple blossom
Sadly, the local weather forecast seems to be predicting frost. Ah well, I can enjoy the blossom while ti lasts.

Plum tree 
The little garden building down at the bottom corner still hasn't got it's windows. Perhaps this will happen at some stage this year.

Test knitting under way
The knitting has continued during the week with the first sleeve to be started later this evening. It has knit on circular needles. The stitches for the sleeve are currently waiting on the same circular needle. The jumper has been knitted from the top down. I'll let you know when the pattern will be available. I really love the design around the shoulders. This size is age two years, so is only small. Quite an enjoyable knit.

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