Monday, April 10, 2017

Its been a while - trying something new

Workshop packs - showing the booklet
This last fortnight has seen me developing a workshop pack for the paper and fabric weaving samples I have been working on. It has taken far longer than I thought it would in terms of the time spent thinking about how to do this. Putting the packs together is also a little time consuming, but has been an interesting process. I'd not had to consider how much such a pack would cost before, so had to spend rather more time than I thought in working out what exactly was going to be added to the pack. It is important to cost everything carefully since it would be rather silly to give lots of materials, paper and fabric, away. It could cost rather a lot to replace everything, especially if the workshop does happen and I need to repeat it.

Materials enclosed in the pack are bondawebbed fabric; pieces of plain calico (muslin); paper; all cut to various sizes. There are a couple of pieces of fabric which have been bonded to another fabric making it double sided. There is also a booklet which I have designed and printed myself. Yes, more costs to consider. I just hope I have managed to include everything.

I now need to get my family involved in testing the packs and my instructions to see if they do make sense and if this is a doable workshop. The one thing that bothers me is that it might all be too complicated. Do let me know what you think. I do have alternative ideas for the workshop, but this is my favourite for the moment. I also need to discuss a pack and some samples with one of the group who have invited me to give a talk and workshop. I need to know whether this type of workshop will work for them.

Don't worry, I have been playing around with something more creative. I can't say I was too impressed with the results, but I can see myself trying this again with fabric dyes and fabric. They might just make for interesting backgrounds.

Samples of Orizomegami
The samples are various papers which have been folded and then Indian Ink has been applied to the edges using a paintbrush. I forget where I found this idea, but you can see some of the work made by experts here. Do look the word up for yourself, there are some very interesting photos to be found as well as instruction. Mine are extremely basic and nothing to be proud of. I'm glad I had a quick try though and will have another go. Personally speaking, I am far more interested in the effects which might be achievable with fabric than I am with paper.

Quilted cushion - 5" square challenge
Here are photos of the 5" square fabric challenge cushion which I told you about last time. I used all the 5"squares in making the blocks for the top and also the piping for the edge of the cushion cover.

Cushion showing piping
 The remainder of the fabrics used all came from stash. The buttons were also in my button collection. I'd bought them some time ago with no project in mind - always a big mistake I make time and again. I have some gorgeous buttons which I just can't part with, but have no plans for....... at the moment.
The buttons fastening the back of the cushion
I finished my last knitting project some time ago and was feeling withdrawal symptoms. I didn't have another project planned, so took up the offer of a Test Knitting project.

Yarn waiting to be used
 These lovely yarns are going to be used for my project. It is a jumper knitted from the top down with a gorgeous hummingbird pattern around the shoulders. The size is age two years. I just couldn't resist.
The first stage of this top down jumper
The colours used are a light greeny-blue shade with the panel in french navy onto cream. I'll probably have to wait to show you the design when it is finished. However, the deadline for the tests is quite soon, so hopefully once all the test knitters have finished, the design will be available for sale. 

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