Monday, October 15, 2007

More knitting.

As you can see I have been making good progress with the Elizabeth's Year project, I have now reached the underarm stage and am working on the first of the two sleeves. The second cuff is already done and ready to be knitted up to match the first sleeve. I did toy with the idea of trying out the magic loop method, but chickened out of trying it since I had already cast on both cuffs and knitted them to the right depth.

Magic Loop is something I really would like to try out, but will leave it until I have rather more time and not so many projects to concentrate on.

You may have noticed the addition of three extra colours. I found myself getting rather bored knitting the plain orange, so got the other colours this weekend. The plan is to add a broad stripe around the lower armhole area rising to the neck edge.

There has been some progress with the Notre Dame do Grace jumper. Not as much as I had intended, but then I find myself concentrating more on the Elizabeth's Year project at the moment. This one tends to get worked on when I need thinking time to sort out the instructions in the Knitter's Almanac.

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