Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fibre heaven.

Well, its been quite a time over the last week or so. I have been merrily knitting, but sadly have got no further with my little red box.

I have just finished the first of the jumpers - the Placed Cable sweater.

The second one, the aran jumper has had a little bit of a setback - I found when I started sewing it together, that the second sleeve had the cables reversed on the sleeve edging. Ah well, the sleeve has now been ripped back to the start of the shaping. It should not take too long to rebuild.

I went into Aldi the other day and found rather interesting furry yarn. I shall not be knitting the boa scarf pattern that came with the wool. However, those interesting needles got me thinking.

They would make really good bag handles. They are a little short, but it would be such fun to make a bag with knitting needle handles. I did see a rather gorgeous knitted bag some time ago using knitting needles in this way.
The yarn would make a really interesting textural detail on a bag too.....

Yesterday I replaced the cover on my ironing board. I found myself unable to throw out the old ones. (I had put my last cover over the previous one to give it a bit of thickness.)

So, I cut off the damaged fabric, stripped off the foam backing and gave both pieces a good wash. These will probably become the linings to my knitting needle bags.

Going to a local Quilting group, I was delighted to find that a bag of fabric scraps was to be shared out. The plain fabrics above and the Liberty fabrics below were the pieces I chose. Most of these are quite small, but all quite useable.

I shall enjoy putting a scrap Liberty quilt together.
All in all a fibre-enthusiasts idea of heaven. Thank you to the wonderful person (anonymous) who donated the fabric to the group. Please be assured the fabric all went to delighted and eager hands.

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Toni said...

My goodness--you did have a good day! I love how you can envision a project for almost anything! Sounds like a fun way to view the world. And I love the sweater--I'm a huge fan of blues of all shades