Sunday, March 16, 2008

Knitting and not enough sewing.

Well, I completed my aran jumper during the week. Its really quite heavy, but very warm to wear. It will be perfect for a Springtime walk. Cosy.

Then I started the second of the two jumpers for my daughter Liz. This is the "Dickinson Pullover" from the Fall edition of Interweave Knits. I'm using an acrylic yarn since this will be the most practical for Liz to wash.

Its knitting up nicely and I am really enjoying the cabled design. The colour is a lovely warm shade of cream. The lower photo is nearest to the actual shade.

I may not have manaaged to get any sewing done, but I really enjoyed getting more of my fabric stash stowed away into my sewing room. This particular collection is that of the heavier fabrics - upholstery, corduroy and canvas as well as some suiting.

It might sound silly, but it so nice to have it where I can actually see and feel it. I might even start to use some of it in different projects. I had forgotten just how much furnishing weight fabric I had collected.
Perfect for making bags..............
Now, that's a thought. I could really do with a small rucksack to take with me when I get my bike out................
Did I tell you that I had bought myself a new cycle helmet?
I'm going to have fun.

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Toni said...

The aran looks great!!!

I know exactly what you mean--I love having my yarn & fabric stash visible. It's so much easier to know at a glance what I have, or to see a yarn or fabric that I want to work with. And it's like living in a craft store--what could be better???