Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting there

I'm still not tidy, but some stitching is being done.

This is how "Tree" is getting along. There has been a lot of free machine embroidery in two different variegated threads. Here is a detail:

You can see the madness a little better from the back view:

I shall be using FME to add some "Leaves" using these scraps. I really am not sure how this will all work out, but the process is interesting.

The size of this piece is 9 and a half inches (approximately) by 14 and a half inches (aproximately). The edges have not been tidied, hence the approximate sizes. I think I shall leave the edges just as they are. This will probably end up as a hanging.

This week, I have been looking around on the internet and thought you might like to share this.

I really want to have a go with Trapunto and Patsy Thompson really makes it sound do-able.

This is her website address.


Well, after that, my own work looks really tame. Never mind, I shall keep on plodding away. After all, the more I do, the more I can improve. This paraphrases something which Nadine of Dreamweavers Quilts always adds to the end of her posts:

"Go quilt! Your work gets better every day!"

She is right.

I have also been listening to podcasts as I tried to get my workroom into some kind of order. One quote which really made me feel more positive about myself was this:

"Don't be afraid to walk away if its time."

I heard this in an interview Paul Overton had with SisterDianne on the Craftypod podcast. The interview is well worth a listen. The topic is "Crafting for money v. passion."

As you can tell, I have been doing far too much web browsing and too little work on my stitching. I must try to get the balance better organised this next week.
Speak to you again soon, Mandy:)

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