Monday, July 20, 2009


Aren't people kind................

The box of flowers is from my colleagues. The teddy from a friend. He is dressed in the school uniform.

Presents from pupils.........

The photograph album is full of messages from the children and colleagues. Something I shall treasure.

Lydia Buttercup is a soft toy. She is a cat given by a pupil. "To help you in the garden even when it rains", read the message. She even has her own tools!

The pot plant came from my younger daughter........... My wonderful husband gave me orchids........

One door closes, they say. Well my opening door tempts me with textiles.

The next photos are of my next project. The working title is "Tree". Not sure how this will work out.

I started with small fabric scraps, tacked together using Bondaweb. Then I placed the resulting shape onto one of my pieces of felt. You may remember this piece from several months ago.

Next will come "leaves" and lots of free machine embroidery.

Earlier today I went into town and found these two books in the Oxfam Charity Shop.

This book is in perfect condition and dates from 1976!

The second book is the "Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlework". This edition dates from 1984. It will take pride of place next to my copy of the "Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing" which I was given free when I bought my first sewing machine in 1979.

Ooh, before I forget. If you live in the UK, go into your own Oxfam Shop. My local one has the new 2010 diaries in stock! Well worth a look. I shall say no more since I bought one for a special friend.


Mrs J said...

Good luck with the supply teaching! I hope you find the balance you seek! (money foor craft materials v time to craft?)

Mandy said...

Thanks so much. You are quite right. It will be quite a balancing act.

Nadine said...

Wow, I used to have a copy of that book from Readers Digest! I think I actually bought it when it came out, and I used it for years. I think I found a new home for it before we moved this last time around... Enjoy it!