Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Painting and printing fabric.

I've been having fun with my new printing blocks and fabric paints. This shows the first colour added to the vine leaf block on to a piece of calico. I shall be overprinting this with another, darker colour.

These are the new fabric paints from Colouricious. I used these neat, mixing three colours together, sponging them onto the fabric. Great fun. Next time I shall try them with a little water added, just to see what happens. The containers make it really easy to get just the right amount of paint. There is a little hole in the top and its easy to get just the right amount. Such a good idea.

The completed fabric is still really malleable, a little stiffer than I am used to. I will still be able to sew through the fabric and overprint on it. I was wondering about discharge printing using the new blocks but this will have to wait for a change in the weather. It has been far too cold and wet outside today.

I decided to cover my work top with paper this time. This way I get to the use the paper as end papers for my home-made books or in my sketchbook. Yes, I do have one on the go at the moment. I shall show it to you another time.

This time, my trusty Setacolor Opaque fabric paints. I water these down a lot, so the paint goes a really long way.

This is the completed fabric. It is softer than the Colouricious fabric paints, but then I did water the paint down a lot. (Probably about four or even five parts water to one part paint). The Setacolor is really thick and gloopy when it comes out of those small bottles, which can be a bit of a nuisance if the bottle is newly opened, or the paint has hardened a little.

I shall definitely use paper again. Such fun.

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