Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sewing, weaving and having fun.

This was my latest piece for the Sky's the Limit group under way. This view of the back shows the vilene I used as the basis. The fabric scraps are sewn on from the back.

This is the same piece, but shown from the front.

Now, the finished piece. You can see my post about this piece on the Sky's the Limit site.

A piece of weaving using ribbon and various threads. This is destined to become part of one of my journal quilts. The next four are all yellow.

A pocket made for a friend's gift. Sorry about the poor quality lighting. As usual, I finished this at the last moment by which time the light wasn't good in my workroom.

It is double-sided. It didn't seem right to have one "good" side and a boring one. This was a thank you gift and was presented to her yesterday at a meeting. The real present is tucked inside.


Anonymous said...

All so lovely! I look forward to seeing the weaving in a journal quilt.

Mandy said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I've already started constructing the journal quilt. Its all pins at the moment...... I shall get on to the stitching later today.