Sunday, April 08, 2012

Painting and printing some more fabric.

I finished the last two of my yellow fabrics - a deeper yellow/orange and a yellow/green. This is the first one. I added a lot more water this time.

The resulting fabric is lovely. ever so slightly stiff, but I just love the colours.

I kept on with using paper underneath. 

The colours used for the yellow/green.

The result is just what I wanted. I have another project to complete before I can start putting the yellow set of the Journal Quilts together./ I have collected all the bits together, so I am almost ready to go.

This is the paper version. I can hardly wait to put some books together to use this patterned paper.

I overprinted the fabric I used in the last post. I used a second print block for the first one.

The second one was just using the same block. I shall use this fabric in my journal quilts.


Anonymous said...

They look great!!

Mandy said...

Thanks again! I saw Jamie Malden (the owner of Colouricious, the company I bought my original blocks from) printing in this way so I just had to try it. I love the idea of overprinting. I shall try overprinting on previously painted, or hand dyed fabric next