Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Playing with wool

 I'm using this collection of leftover yarns to make the next two test knits. A rather interesting colourwork hat and the fingerless version of the mittens. The intention is for the aqua colour to be the background shade with the owl picked out in the apricot and cream. The darker edgings are to be in the tan colour. I've started the hat first. The yarns are from the Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply range which I have been using a lot recently. Hopefully, I will have enough for the hat. I can then find more yarns for the mittens. The fingerless version ends above the head of the owl. I prefer fingerless mittens since it means I can keep my hands warm whilst holding the dogs leads. They can slip if I am wearing knitted mittens.

The knitted experiment has been coming along too. As you can see I am now knitting the edging around all four sides. I have also decided on how to finish off the holes in the centres between the sets of four squares. These will be knitted separately in the orange colour. The gaps between the moss stitch strips will be white. I've already started on the little orange squares, just to try out the idea. 

The two blouse toiles are still waiting for their buttonholes. I have finally found some suitable buttons in my stash. They aren't brilliant, but will do for now. I should be able to wear these soon. I need to get them finished this evening since my younger daughter is heading this way in the morning seeking my help in altering a dress. I am not sure what I have let myself in for.

Some felting was done a few days ago. It has been far too long since I managed to play with some wool fibres. These are merino with some silk fibres. I think I was a bit heavy handed, but it was such fun to get messy out in the garden making these. I must get some more done as soon as the current rainy weather retreats once more.

I have booked myself on to the next Friday Felters session now that the group is starting up again after their summer break. I am looking forward to learning some more techniques.

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