Sunday, April 08, 2007

Two scarves.

Its the wrong time of year to be making scarves - Spring has definitely arrived in England. However, I found myself completing scarves this week. The first to be completed was the felt scarf. This was started earlier in the year as part of the Adult Education Textiles course at Sir John Deanes Sixth Form College. I am still not certain whether or not I should add a deep fringe to the short edges. It will be left draped around Aggie's shoulders until I finally decide. Aggie is my tailor's dummy and is a very useful aid at times like these.
The first two photos - above, show details of the completed free machine embroidery just before I soaked off the Madeira Avalon ( water soluble fabric). At this stage, I had pinned it to some plastic foam ready for soaking in the bath.
The next two photos show the completed scarf after it had dried, sitting draped around Aggie's shoulders. The second of the photographs shows a detail of the scarf and the fabric scraps I had trapped in the stitching.
My last post about the same scarf can be found here:

The last photograph shows the completed knitted scarf, shown draped around Aggie's shoulders. I now need to knit an edging all around the scarf to even up the shape and sew in all the ends. There are not many of these since I knitted all the pieces together as I went along rather than sewing them together. It will be a really cosy scarf for next winter - it feels so gorgeously luxurious!

It has knitted up really quickly - this is my original post:

I have definitely caught the knitting bug again - I have already started knitting a very simple purple scarf to go with a jacket I made for myself last year. Madness. Still, if I don't buy any more wool, I shall then have to get on with the unfinished cardigan..........


Barbara said...

I like your creations!! I will visit again !!
Greetings Barbara

Maureen said...

You can drape short felt pieces around the hip area and fasten with a brooch. The hip young things love this style! Like the scarves.

Mandy said...

Thanks for the comments. What an interesting idea, Maureen. I'm not sure that I could get away with being a "hip young thing" myself. However, the idea of draping and fastening using a brooch holds great possibilities..........

Barbara said...

Dear mandy,
Some of my threads are very old.I get them from a store before closing .This was about twenty years ago. But some of my threads are new watercoloured threads. I like the various colours in one yarn.I like cotton threads .Each time when I am shopping I look for various threads .I think I'm adicted to it.
Warm regards Barbara