Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy, busy, busy......

The weather has not been too wonderful just lately, so I have not ventured far from my sewing room. The sky has been quite dramatic at times. Yes, I spend far too much time looking out of the window............

Perhaps I should have called the post "Lazy, lazy. lazy....."

Ah well. I have been getting on with the Traveller's Chuck and also knitting my top and cardigan. Quite a lot has been completed, but I find myself prevaricating over the quilting. This is probably because its such a lump to maneouver.

The above shows the variegated thread I have been using. (YLI Machine Quilting Thread, Mango 04V). The lower bobbin thread matches the fleece. The design for the plain blocks is intended to look like large stylised flowers. The design for the 16 square blocks will comprise four stylised leaves. What is it they say about plans? Perhaps I should comment that this is the idea at the moment................

I completed the front of the Ribbed Top. I just love the way that the bamboo yarn forms itself around the tailor's dummy. Aggie certainly looks good in this. I only hope I do when its finished.

This is Aggie again, this time she is clothed in the back of my cardigan. I finished that too! I just adore the colour. I shall have to raid my fabric stash for a nice fabric to make a skirt and/or a dress to wear with this once it is completed.

Ah well, my sewing machine calls. Dear Rosemary has handed me a jacket she wants to wear "tomorrow". Can we take this in? Can we make it more tailored? Of course "we" can! What makes me think it will probably be me doing the sewing? I have already pinned it.

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