Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Carey Park

One of the things I had promised myself this Easter holiday was to start having a daily walk. I really do need to get myself fit. Parking close to the entrance to Carey Park was a perfect opportunity to explore.

This has not been a park for very long. It had started out life as a landfill site. The signs around the park encourage walkers to remain on the paths since some areas are quite polluted due to the rubbish left underground. However, the trees don't seem to mind. They were really healthily showing new leaves.

The paths are lovely - really sturdy and flat.

The following photos show the trees and plants around the path I followed.

I went as far as Carden's Ferry Bridge. A rather attractive pedestrian bridge over the River Weaver.

This is a well-used pathway at the weekend, since it links to the Anderton Nature Park. You may remember that I went on a walk here on Boxing Day.

After this I walked back to the car park by another section of pathway. The nice things about these pathways is that they are accessible to the disabled and parents with children in pushchairs.

This photo shows the industrial nature of the area around Anderton.

I just couldn't resist this beautiful moss. Such a wonderful colour.
The daisy had just opened it's petals on the grass in front of my car as I got back.

A lovely walk, I shall try a different route next time.

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