Sunday, April 26, 2009

New projects.

Well, I am well and truly on a sewing binge at the moment. I took myself off to Jaycotts yesterday. A wonderful place for anything to do with sewing machines. I normally visit their internet site. However, this time, I went to the shop itself to find sewing machine needles to restock my collection, patterns, sewing thread and some pattern tracing cloth.

I have never used pattern tracing cloth before, generally using baking parchment to trace off my patterns. (I prefer not to cut up my paper patterns.) Thought I would find it easier to use rather tha the paper which tends to rip easily. What do you use when sewing using a paper pattern? My cats adore the sound of paper patterns with rather predictable results...........

I went on to the nearby Hobbycraft shop. These two fabrics just shouted out to come home with me.

This, though it is really a quilters fabric, is destined for a blouse.

Now, the last fabric (the coffee design), will become a jacket. More of a man's jacket than the patterns I bought yesterday. The design will be based upon my favourite jacket which is beginning to show signs of wear. I have ideas for the remnants - I did buy rather more than I really needed - to become the lining, or the outer fabric of a bag. What the finished bag will look like, has not yet been fully thought out.

One project I have already started, is the lining of two bags. One of them belongs to a friend of mine. It has been a shamefully long time since I was given the bag to line. I last did some linings for two similar bags here. Like the last linings, there are three pockets of various sizes.


Tracey said...

Hi Mandy - thanks for visiting me via the quilt festival. The little cupcake was fun to make.

I like your travellers chuck quilt .. the quilting looks lovely. Its a nice design. I have taken to using microtex needles for all my quilting now with good results. It should help with the thread shredding problem.


Margaret said...

I can't believe it Mandy. I just recovered my dining room chairs with a similar red toile to the one you have in your post. What a great coincidence.
happy sitiching and sewing,

Mandy said...

Thanks for that idea, Tracey.

roberta said...

hi this is roberta from italy! thank you for your desire to participate and involving you guild! E mail me so i can send you all the details, love roberta