Monday, April 06, 2009

Getting creative

A lucky shot of Felix taken this morning. My dear little friend had already done his best to "kill" my pin cushion and then decided he really fancied having a cuddle. Unfortunately, he had chosen the time when I was stitching my new "Traveller's Chuck" basting the fleece backing to the quilt top.

Obviously, it looked really inviting. Not good timing though.

I eventually completed the stitching and now its ready to be quilted. It is already covered with cat hairs as well as thread ends! Never mind, at least someone loves it.

The knitting is coming on quite well, progress is much faster with the cardigan than with the bamboo top. Probably because I could do with the cardigan now......... The summer top will be needed soon, but the weather is not yet warm enough.

This is my knitting bag. As you can see it is rather full at the moment. There is also a pair of socks in there. I have almost completed one sock, but got sidetracked onto working on the cardigan. I have a funny feeling that I shall be ripping the sock back. The colour just doesn't suit the pretty pattern. I can see myself using this as an excuse to get some pretty sock yarn. Oh dear, if I venture over the threshold of a yarn shop will I just be able to leave with enough yarn for a single pair of socks.........................Probably not.

Felix with his sister Coco. They really are a gorgeous pair. Rare to see them happily side by side. They usually need something between them so that they can pretend each has the bed to him/herself.

This is Coco resting on Felix's quilt, just after I photographed the basted quilt.

She purred her approval of this image of herself. I obviously caught her best side. I'd better explain that both cats have their own quilts. Felix's quilt is backed in white teddy bear fabric. This one is the quilt they both prefer using. Coco's quilt is backed in fleece. She loves using it, but only if the white fluffy quilt is not available. Felix will not use Coco's quilt - he has been in dreadful trouble in the past for daring to sit on it!

The next photos are of a book I recently bought from my favourite book stall.

Printed in the 1930s, it has the loveliest cover and spine. The illustrations inside are enchanting.

Yes, it really does contain both "Northanger Abbey" and "Persuasion". These are two of Jane Austen's novels which, although I have already read them, I did not own.

Its now the Easter holidays, so I am hoping to get quite a lot of sewing done.

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Karen said...

Coco and Felix are beautiful. My sister has a house full of cats. She has a blog about them.